Months of the Year

The seasons at the Charles Baber Cemetery are spectacular, with each season unique unto itself. It is difficult to choose a favorite because each season is special. The combination of the wide variety of trees and shrubs along with the many styles, sizes, and shapes of the memorial markers, and the architectural design of the gothic chapel, the Egyptian Revival gateway entrance, the long stone wall, and the carriage house provide us with visual pleasures, tranquil surroundings, and nature at its best no matter what season one comes to visit.

However, in order to get a full appreciation of nature and the many happenings and seasonal changes occurring, an even better portrait is to look at the individual months. So for your viewing and reading entertainment, each month of the year at the Charles Baber Garden Cemetery is described along with the inclusion of three to four pictures. Because it was difficult to select a few pictures for inclusion, we have, through the "Photo gallery" link, loaded and will continue to load more pictures of the season cycles along with pictures of special events like Arbor Day, Memorial Day and Baber Day, and with unusual circumstances like the October snow fall that occurred when the leaves were still on the trees, creating a traumatic, yet transfiguring event.

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