Headstones\Memorial Markers

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The headstones\grave markers\memorial markers in the Charles Baber Cemetery are individualized to each person or family who is buried here. Because there are no restrictions on the size, shape, design, or material composition of the headstones, this allows the family members of the loved one to customize the marker to the religious, ethnic, and personal preference of the person who passed away. This freedom of marker selection provides for a wide and interesting variety and uniqueness of the markers while presenting an offering of architectural and artistic beauty.
With headstones dating back to the mid 1800s, the change in the material composition, designs, and artistry of the markers can be seen as one walks the paths of the cemetery. Many of the older markers are stately and elegant with carved traditional symbols of ivy, urns, torches, crosses, etc. The newer markers, because of the modern craftsmanship capabilities, are more personalized and customized to reflect the loved one’s face, favorite sport, subject, comic character, etc., which can be comforting that the memory lives on and the person is not forgotten. Each marker tells its own story.

Your are invited to walk the paths of the cemetery to view the many styles, designs, and artistic allure of the markers. If you are unable to personally walk the grounds, the links provide you with a sampling of the memorial markers found at Charles Baber Cemetery.